Terms and Conditions

OCUFY® reserves the right to change the product, its appearance and/or any aspect thereof without prior notice. The products functionality will be the same, this is due to manufacturing issues, product improvements and user experience.
Promos and/or discounts are valid within the announced period and are subject to territory where the promotions and/or discounts can be applied.

Once the payment has been submitted, your order will be processed within the next 3 (three) business days.
Once the order and payment have been processed, you will receive an email with the shipping details. If you don’t receive an email within this period, check your spam folder, if not, contact us.
OCUFY® is not responsible for import and customs problems in each country. Import expenses, customs fees and/or extra charges must be paid by the customer.
Shipping is done by third party companies outside OCUFY®’s organization and we will not be responsible for problems that the shipping service may have; Whether they are delays and / or loss of the package.
Delivery times vary depending on the destination, you must track it via the carrier’s website.

You have 14 days / 2 weeks from the delivery date to test the product and return it, within this period OCUFY® will cover the return costs and a refund will be made once the return of the package has been confirmed. Once these 14 days have passed, the product cannot be return.

If the product could have a defect or factory fault, providing proof of the problem, the company will evaluate its replacement. Please contact us and we will evaluate your situation.

Installation and use:
A detailed explanation guide is provided containing photos and videos to correctly install your device. If your device suffers any damage or breakage due to misuse or bad installation, the company reserves the right to repair or replace your device. Each case will be evaluated individually.

Important note about use:

Under any circumstance OCUFY will be responsible for the damage to cellphone, slit lamp or microscope for the bad use of the product or user not being careful.

The pivot movement should be controlled by the user and not let the face drop resulting in a cellphone detachment from the face plate. We use very strong neodymium magnets to securely hold the phone in place but cannot guarantee that a particular cellphone model cannot be detached if the product is misused.

If you have any questions please write to us at: admin@ocufysystem.com

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