OCUFY® is the most practical and simple solution to obtain high-quality images and videos of ophthalmological studies.

Take the next step toward innovation, alongside the thousands of clinicians who are already using the newest and easiest system in the industry.

OCUFY® System

Designed for the more social media focused practicians.

It’s portrait format makes it ideal to get that perfect photo or video and share it directly via social media apps that use the portrait format.


Focused on improving the local practice experience.

It takes all the best features of the original OCUFY® but in a landscape format. This makes it ideal to mount it on a slit lap or microscope and stream the image or video to a bigger screen.​


Capture the image fast. Share it with the patient.

OCUFY® makes it very easy to show your patients the images captured at the moment.

With OCUFY® you will be able to obtain high-quality photos and videos, perform live consultations with other colleagues, as well as be able to record and live stream surgeries and particular cases using your smartphone’s internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OCUFY® system allows you to take high-quality photos and video without obstructing workflow on slit lamps and microscopes, using a smartphone – not included in the kit. In addition, it allows telemedicine, surgeries and live consultations, education – sharing the content obtained with colleagues, courses and congresses.

OCUFY®: The best option to get that perfect photo or shoot a great video and share it on social media. The portrait format works best to get that perfect post or story.

OCUFY®WIDE: With OCUFY® WIDE you can take photos and make videos using the widescreen format and wirelessly stream it to a TV or monitor.

If you can’t decide, just take both with our special Combo-Bundle Pack.

The OCUFY® system is compatible with all models of slit lamps and microscopes from the leading brands on the market. If you have questions, you can contact us at hello@ocufysystem.com.

Installation is very simple. Upon receiving your OCUFY® you will find a QR code to access an installation video. The kit has everything necessary to be installed and used with a smartphone – not included in the kit. The Kit also included 2 (two) metal plates to be placed between your smartphone and the case, in order to attach the smartphone to your OCUFY®.

You can buy your OCUFY® System in our Official Store or find your local Distributor. Yes, we ship to the entire planet!

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing a personalized service and experience to our users. We have online technical support either through e-mail or WhatsApp.

We offer a warranty period of 2 years against manufacturing issues.

The return period is within the first 2 weeks/14 days, if you are not satisfied with the product.

OCUFY® is manufactured using various manufacturing methods. Plastic parts are 3D printed. We use hi-grade Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PET-G). It is a thermoplastic polyester that delivers significant chemical resistance and durability.

It is ROHS compliant and is easy to clean and safe to use in the medical environment.

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