OCUFY® System X5 · Free Shipping – 5 Unit Bundle


OCUFY® System, the best choice to digitize your slit lamp.
5 Unit Bundle and Free Shipping

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The OCUFY® System for the digitalization of slit lamps and microscopes. 5 Unit Bundle and free shipping.

The best option to get that perfect photo or shoot a great video and share it on social media. The portrait format works best to get that perfect post or story.

The Kit includes everything you need for the installation and use. You will find two (2) Magnetic Plates.

Just one (1) is needed to use your OCUFY®. Keep the extra one as a spare or give it to another user.

If you need more Magnetic Plates, add them to your order from the Store.



Package Size

20 cm Length
15 cm Width
45 cm Height

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