OCUFY® Business Card

OCUFY® Business Card is the most practical, eco-friendly and simple solution to share your information with others.

Forget about those wasteful and expensive paper cards. This is a reusable e-card. Update your info without re-printing, share your details with a tap.

With OCUFY® Business Card you will be able to share your professional profile in seconds. Share all your contact details with just a tap on a smartphone with NFC enabled.

Perfect for Personal use or Commercial use. Update your info in seconds. All your details in just one tap.

Frequently Asked Questions

The OCUFY® Business Card by EPOP is the most practical and simple solution to share your information with others using NFC technology.

We partnered with EPOP to bring you an easy to use Smart Business Card. The proces is very simple. Enable NFC on you smartphone, tap your OCUFY® Business Card and the browser will open to the Epop website. Register, fill in your contact information and that is it.

The OCUFY® Business Card is compatible with all smartphones on the market. It can be used with NFC enabled devices. It also has a QR code that can be used as an alternative method of sharing your contact information. If you have questions, you can contact us at hello@ocufysystem.com.

 With your OCUFY® Business Card you can share the most common contact details. You can add a photo or logo for a corporate look. From phone numbers, email address, social media profiles, URLs and more. 

You can buy your OCUFY® Business Card from your local distributor or in our Official Store. Yes, we ship to the entire planet!

We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing a personalized service and experience to our users. We have online technical support either through e-mail or WhatsApp.

We offer a warranty period of 24 months against manufacturing issues or a problem with the product.

There is no return policy. The OCUFY® Business Card cannot be returned. Each card has a unique ID and cannot be changed. So for privacy and security reasons, it cannot be returned and no refunds may be issued.

The OCUFY® Business Card is made of PVC plastic, the same kind of plastic as a credit card.

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